Monday, October 4, 2010

Who Dat Nation: Ask not what your Saints can do for you, Ask what YOU can do for your Saints!

Our Saints need your help, Who Dat Nation! Want to know what you can do for your team? You can put the Gris-Gris on our opponents each week with your very own Who-Do Voodoo™ Doll brought to you by local entrepreneurs, Kim Fernandez and Gwen Leonhard.

You can chant "Who Dat" while you Stick Dat and put a hurting on our opponents. And let's face it, if the rest of the season is as tension-filled as the first 4 games, you'll need to be stabbing something during the
4th quarter, at least!

Who-Do VoodooDolls are available NOW at the Who-Do Voodoo web site and at retail outlets: Fleurty Girl, 3117 Magazine Street, New Orleans, and Bayou Gifts, 9605 Jefferson Highway, River Ridge. Check out Who-Do Voodoo's Facebook page and "Like" it to become a fan.

C'mon, Who Dats! Hurry up and Stick Dat! Go, Saints!

Photo reprinted with permission of Who-Do Voodoo


  1. dis gris gris give me da feesons. Pad nah, I gots to gets me ds doll!

  2. Can't wait to Stick Dat doll for our Black & Gold! Go, Saints!