Thursday, October 21, 2010

Clover Grill | No Frill Comfort

I was in need of comfort food today so headed to the "World Famous" Clover Grill at the corner of Bourbon and Dumaine in the French Quarter. The Clover Grill has been a Quarter institution since 1939. And from the looks of the place, not much has changed since then.

No pretense here. About a dozen tattered red swivel stools line the counter. 6 tables line the windows along Bourbon Street. There's one griddle where Sheika cooks the 8 ounce burgers under "an American made hubcap." French fries are fried to order - no food staying lukewarm under lights. She aptly made omelets, got a malt going in the machine, and cooked burgers all at the same time.

Reading the menu provides entertainment. Here are some of the jokes on the menu: "If you're not served in 5 minutes, it may be another 5. Relax. This isn't New York City." "Dancing in the aisles only. Please keep off the tables." "No strange tricks at tables, please. Please keep hands on top of the table." "No talking to yourself." "
We don’t eat in your bed, so please don’t sl
eep at our table." And, "
You’ve paid the price, now look how much you’ve gained."

I ordered a burger dressed ($5.49) and an order of fries ($2.49). The burger was juicy and the fries hot & crispy. It hit the spot!

The Clover Grill is located at 900 Bourbon Street and is open 24/7. Omelets, waffles & burgers are available all day long. For a no frills, good burger and a cast of characters behind the counter and next to you - the Clover Grill is a good bet.

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  1. They serve a great burger with an overload of attitude! Love the place.