Saturday, August 24, 2013



9 years ago I "rescued" this sweet boy. Turns out, he ended up rescuing me - we endured 3 evacuations, life on the road after Katrina, and all kinds of ups and downs together. He was my constant companion and just about perfect in every way. He brought love wherever he went.

Mackie 2007
Mackie loved our family and friends and was great with the kids.

Kathy, Carol, Rich & Mackie 2004

Mykah, Gabrielle, Ella & Mackie 2004
Mykah & Mackie 2007

Mackie & JJ 2008

Daddy, Lance, Blake & Mackie 2013
Mackie had a special bond with my dad and loved sitting on my dad's lap.

Daddy & Mackie 2004
Daddy &  Mackie 2013

Mackie was a good sport - and endured my holiday & Saints silliness.
Carol, Mackie, Santa, Rich & Colonel 2008

Me, Mackie & Santa 2008
Mackie & me 2006

Mackie & me 2008
 One of his favorite past-times was sleeping - in his little bed and his big bed (aka my bed).

Mackie 2009

Mackie 2013
We moved into our new house in April 2013.

Mackie & me April 2013
He loved sitting on our new front porch for hours.

Mackie, August 2013

Mackie on the front porch with his buddies Colonel & Harry, August 2013
In June 2013, I adopted another Yorkie, Harry. He was Mackie's dog. But Mack, in the background, wasn't so sure about this new kid at first.

But, he warmed up to him and hopefully some of Mackie's perfection rubbed off on Harry. Time will tell.

Harry and Mackie, June 2013

Sadly, my sweet boy got sick in July and I lost him on August 19, 2013. He loved me with his whole being, and taught me so much about kindness, love, and joy.

As his final resting place, I put his ashes in his treat tin - I can't think of a place he would rather spend all eternity. Rest in peace, my sweet Mackie.