Friday, September 24, 2010

Cochon Butcher | Lunch with Friends

I met friends for lunch at Cochon Butcher today. It was our first time there. I ordered the pastrami on rye with sauerkraut and my friends both ordered the Cuban sandwich.

The pastrami is tender and flavorful; the sauerkraut is mild. The sandwich is good but could have used more pastrami and sauerkraut. The Cuban sandwich, made with slow-roasted pork, is served on French bread with a cilantro pesto. Very good. Sandwiches are served with a pile of house-made chips and a house-made pickle spear – both are delicious.

My friends tried the bacon praline but it didn’t appeal to me. Instead I headed to the fresh meat case and picked out a lb. each of the freshly made roasted garlic & bay leaf sausage and the roasted jalapeno sausage. Can’t wait to put it on the grill!

Cochon Butcher is owned by James Beard Award-winning Chef Donald Link and is attached via a hallway to Cochon, one of his two full service restaurants (Herbsaint is his other gem) in the Warehouse District. At the Butcher, Link and his staff prepare all meats, sausages, pates, chips and pickles in-house. Big salamis and hams hang from the ceiling behind the counter.

The fresh meat counter offers hanger steak, skirt steak, various kinds of pork, including bacon, standing rib roasts, racks of lamb, and jambalaya-stuffed chickens. House-made meats & salamis include andouille, boudin, tasso, fresh ham, fresh sausage, duck pastrami, mortadella, coppa salami, genoa salami, and deer sausage. There’s also a selection of pates and foie gras. And for those who like to go all out and have a cochon de lait – whole hogs and goats are available. A full bar is offered with a long list of wines by the glass.

Cochon Butcher is a terrific addition to the Warehouse District. Looking forward to the next time.

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p.s. Tonight I grilled a link of Cochon Butcher's roasted garlic & bay leaf sausage and a link of roasted jalapeno sausage. So full of flavor. Talk about good, y'all!

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